March 14, 2020

Day 2 - Illuminating all possible paths

Have a mindset of "Yes" and constantly ask “How might we?”


The goal for today is to explore as many possibilities as possible, regardless of how realistic, feasible or viable they may or may not be.

Jake Knapp describes Day 2 as, "illuminating all of the possible paths". This goes the old school way of sketching the ideas on paper. Even if this is a team activity, Jake Knapp explains why this is different from team shouting ideas or brainstorming.

Instead, everyone in the sprint will be working quietly and individually, often around the same table. The exercises outlined below force you to get ideas out of your head and onto paper, without getting a stuck feeling like they have to be finished or perfect.

Following are the activities for Day 2:

  1. Choose a part of the problem
  2. Take Notes (5 minutes)
  3. Mind Map (10-15 minutes)
  4. Crazy Eights (5 minutes)
  5. Storyboard (10-20 minutes)
  6. Silent Critique (5-10 minutes) (team activity)
  7. Three-minute critique (3 minutes per idea) (group activity)
  8. Super Vote (5 minutes) (group activity)

I will focus on Steps 1 through 5 for my day 2 sprint.

Choose a part of the problem

For this step, it’s important to divide the user story created on Day 1 into parts and I will pick up the piece that I think is relevant to explore for this sprint because I am only concerned about the new navigational experience and not the whole of the product.

So, in this case, I will be focusing on steps 3 & 4 in my user story. i.e.

  1. I start the navigation on the app.
  2. I follow the cues from the app for the current position, direction, turns, traffic condition, and other updates.

Mind Map

This activity is all about writing down everything about the idea in your head with no specific agenda or formatting. It can include text, sketches, keywords, flows anything in a very low fidelity format. It is also important to note all possible questions that will help you in the solution phase.

Crazy Eight

Even after years of designing, my biggest uncertainty and fear is staring at a blank sheet of paper in my sketchbook. Crazy eight is all about not thinking, go crazy and get your ideas out quickly. This kind of activity kills your perfectionist (ego) muscles and works on your productivity muscles. It will help you explore freely and keeps you moving.

This is done by drawing eight sketches – 40seconds per sketches and complete it in one sitting on a blank sheet of paper. As this whole activity can be completed in a little over 5 minutes, I mostly repeat this activity and get the best out of iterations.

Most designers like to find their space and get the best out. I am one such kind of designer. This is for someone like me that helps to bring out an idea in any shape and be non-judgmental about it.

The above 4 sketches are the final result of 2 iterations of crazy eight.


After completing the storyboard and done with the crazy eight(twice), I am longing to sketch some actual UI showing how a user would move through this part of the story – when they scan for the direction when they check for the next turn, traffic condition, estimated time to reach the destination, how to see the overall route, etc.

Key take away from Day 2 sprint

Day 2 is all about exploring possibilities and going wild with your imagination. For someone like me who has this idea going on in my head for some time, it was challenging to do unbiased crazy sketching. However, in this time bounded activity, I could come up with a few specific interactions that were really crazy but didn’t make the cut into my final selection. The biggest lesson for this day was it really helped me to explain the why behind my designs.

Day 3 - Choose the right path

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