A Reminder, To-Do tasks app

UX Design

Personally I have stumbled up on various to-do & reminder apps and as a independent designer, I use Todoist for my work and personal use. Here, I’m trying to explore the idea of designing my version of todo app. I call the app ‘Flow’.

I’ve decided to apply the following key principles to design the Flow app.


  • Don’t complicate things.
  • Design an experience that’s easy enough for novice users, without boring experienced users.

Goal driven design

  • App should help the users stay in focus, manage, remind and complete their to-do’s effectively. o
  • The app’s model should help users ultimately get things done.


  • I do not wish to over complicate the app experience with any futuristic design patterns that might increase the learning curve and make the app less desirable.
  • I would like to stick on with familiar patterns with mobile apps (similar to WIMP paradigm), that help a new user easily acclimate to an app.